These days, cannabis is/can be infused in almost anything that we eat.  Some of the more common forms are gummies, chocolates, pills, cookies and lozenges.  After ingestion, the compounds are metabolized in the liver, then absorbed into the bloodstream.  This process changes delta-9-THC into a different compound: 11-hydroxy-THC.  11-hydroxy-THC is a much more powerful, longer lasting compound, and users can experience stronger psychoactive effects compared to smoking cannabis. The onset of edibles can take 60-120 minutes, and the effects can last six to eight hours. The long duration of edibles can be helpful for people who suffer from pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia, and allow for a more discreet way to get cannabis into the system. New cannabis, and edibles users should be especially careful when consuming edibles. Due to high potency, and the long onset and duration times, new users should start at low doses to avoid extreme psychoactive effects, which could cause paranoia and anxiety.

Quality & Testing

CannaVibes will supply only the best products available on the market. Michigan requires that all cannabis products sold are safe for human consumption, this means free of pests, molds, pesticides, fungus, bacteria that could cause sickness, contaminants and heavy metals.