Sprays, tinctures, drops and gum are easy to use, and very efficient ways to absorb cannabinoids through the lining of the mouth.  Dosing of oral mucosal extracts and tinctures are easy to monitor and adjust, and come in many different ratios of CBD:THC.  They are most efficient when delivered sublingually, so drop or spray under the tongue, or between the gums and cheek for the best results.  This method is especially appealing for those who do not want, or cannot smoke, vape cannabis. Tinctures can also be rubbed on shoulders, neck and temples to help reduce aches, inflammation and tension.  The onset is rapid, generally within a few minutes if held in the mouth or swished, and its effects can last 2-8 hours.

Quality & Testing

CannaVibes will supply only the best products available on the market. Michigan requires that all cannabis products sold are safe for human consumption, this means free of pests, molds, pesticides, fungus, bacteria that could cause sickness, contaminants and heavy metals.